French Bulldogs


The French Bulldog is a loyal companion who is playful, alert and affectionate without being yappy and loud. They are curious, sweet and hilarious to watch! Frenchies have a very comical personality and they love to be silly and "clown around".

They are extremely intelligent and easygoing, and they get along well with other animals when properly introduced. Some precautions are needed when considering a Frenchie for your home as the French Bulldog is a Brachycephalic breed. This is a condition affecting flat-faced, short-nosed dogs, which can lead to severe respiratory distress and difficulty breathing. In situations of extreme exercise, stress, or heat, the Frenchie may be unable to take deep or fast enough breaths to blow off carbon dioxide. This leads to distress and further increases respiratory rate and heart rate, creating a vicious cycle that can quickly turn life-threatening.

Frenchies do not require much exercise and they are easy to groom. They do well in all types of homes from apartments to farmland. These little comedians are always finding ways to entertain their owners and they seem to have that "big dog" personality in a small, compact size. They can, and will be stubborn, but are easily trainable with consistency from an early age. We strongly recommend our buyers to familiarize themselves and their families with the French Bulldog breed along with any possible health issues and grooming requirements before purchasing a puppy from Us or any Reputable Breeder.