Hannah is the Granddaughter of our Retired girl, Lady of the Night aka "Boogie". She is Champion Sired and her father is named Gambler. Hannah is a light creamy fawn color and weighs 21 lbs. This girl is something else, A little doll baby... very sweet, super spoiled and she just knows she's a princess... Stubborn but cute as can be! (2 years old.) 



Lexi is a beautiful Blue Fawn with a Mask. She is a Lover girl and too sweet to resist.  She likes to cuddle and also serves as my second shadow, always by my side. She loves to play fetch and actually brings the ball back. Lexi is the best mom and produces the sweetest temperament puppies, they are all so lovable and sweet just like her. (4 yrs old)



Sheba is our little Black Beauty. She is super sweet with a gentle personality. She loves to cuddle and be held like baby and is also very smart & attentive. Jet Black coat color. Born Christmas Eve 2015 (3 1/2 years old).



Aaliyah is the Best! She loves to carry a toy in her mouth at all times. She gets along with everyone and is super sweet and playful. She has a blue fawn coat color and is the daughter of our girl Lexi. (3 years old)



Olive has the prettiest Blue brindle coat color. She is absolutely adorable, mild tempered and has a sweet puppy face to match. Half sister to our girl Aaliyah, both are alike in so many ways. (3 1/2 years old)



Pippy is very mild mannered and easy going. She likes to chase butterfly shadows on the ground and can be very spunky at times. She was imported from the UK and has a blue and tan coat color. (3 1/2 years old)