Why are French Bulldogs so Expensive?

The main reason being... It can be Very Difficult and Expensive to Breed High Quality French Bulldogs and raise a litter of Frenchie puppies. As well as, the cost of properly maintaining the Adult Frenchies too. Most Dams will require Artificial Insemination, C-sections and produce small litters (average is 2 - 4 pups). 

Majority of French Bulldogs cannot be bred naturally, primarily due to the Stud being too short to mount the female, often needing a Vet to perform an A.I. 

French Bulldogs have a hard time delivering puppies naturally due to the size of the puppies head in comparison to the mother's narrow hips and cervix. This usually requires X-rays and a C-section that can cost up to $2,500 in an emergency or a Weekend/Holiday situation. Sometimes the Dam can have a puppy or two naturally, then she gets tired of pushing and will need to go into a C-section anyway to avoid fatal harm to her puppies still inside. 

All these costs are required upfront, before one living puppy is promised!!  Sometimes a puppy can begin to fade quickly and pass, days or weeks after delivery. French bulldogs are very Risky to breed so extra care must go into making sure the puppies stay warm, well fed and maintained in a clean and sanitary environment.


So you Think you want to Breed French Bulldogs?

Let's skip past the whole... Raising a female puppy for almost 

2 years before she is Mature enough to breed!! In addition to all Costs and Concerns mentioned above... Before a breeding takes place, the Mother to be must be health tested, dewormed and UTD on all vaccinations to make sure she should even be bred. Followed by Ovulation (Progesterone) testing, Pedigree Research and Stud fees. Plus Gas/Tolls and hours of time driving back and forth to Vet appointments as needed.

Extra care and money goes into Feeding and Nourishing the Mom to be. This will include a High quality puppy food along with extra ingredients for Home Cooked or Raw Fed Meals. Raising a litter of newborn French Bulldog puppies will require constant supervision. We do not leave our puppies alone, ever!  Especially with first time moms who may be unaware of what to do because having a C-section often takes away from her natural instinct to care for her puppies. She will have to be taught how to clean them, nurse them willingly and get in and out of the whelping box without stepping/sitting on a puppy. 

Mom will need to eat 3 to 5 times more than her normal daily amount of food to produce enough milk to nourish herself and her growing puppies. In the Unfortunate event that the mother passes away, abandons her litter, cannot produce enough milk to feed her litter or develops Mastitis, a condition affecting the breast area and quality of the milk. Around the clock bottle/tube feeding for each pup is necessary for its survival... You can go ahead and kiss any Sleep, and that thing called a "Social life", goodbye!
Now... lets count endless hours of laundry, stain treating and carpet cleaning! Hours... building and updating a website, maintaining multiple social media accounts, creating ads on different websites when needed, to List and Sell a puppy. Taking Individual puppy pictures often, when they usually wont stay still long enough to get a "good shot". Food preparation, weaning and potty training, along with answering a ton of Questions and constantly responding to Emails, Calls and Texts!!
Most reputable breeders, given that all goes fairly well, will make a profit on each litter and then turn around and reinvest it right back into maintaining their dogs and extending their breeding program. It cost a lot to feed and properly maintain several dogs/puppies. Monthly heartworm prevention and flea treatment alone... not including annual vaccines and vet costs. Toys, treats, bones, towels/blankets, supplements, puppy vaccines, litter registration fees, puppy supplies, bottles, milk replacement and so much more.

A lot of work goes into creating and maintaining these adorable little Frenchies (I haven't explained the half of it... There is much more involved when it comes to entering into Shows and Competing for Champion titles) But, It's all worth it when they look up at you with that adorable squishy face, those big eyes and give you that cute little snort that makes you laugh over and over again!